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2008.07.15 Large research grant to SNAC Nordanstig..more

2008.06.23 New PhD student at SNAC Nordanstig..more

2008.05.28 The swedish minister for elderly care and public care visited SNAC nordanstig..more

2008.05.12 The swedish minister for elderly care and public care visits SNAC-Nordanstig..more

2007.10.20 Anders Wimo reporting about costs for dementia disorders..more

2007.05.23 Anders Wimo apointed professor...more

2007.01.08 The first examination of the new cohort is beeing performed...more

2006.12.14 New staff with us here at SNAC-Nordanstigmore

2006.10.26 New layout on the SNAC Nordanstig site..more

2006.10.24 Newsarticle in local newspaper, Hudiksvalls Tidning...more




SNAC-Nordanstig is one of four detailed studies within the framework for the mutual project SNAC (Swedish National Study on Ageing and Care). The government has appropriated grants for the structuring of a longitudinal database as a form to describe the state of health of the elderly and their needs for treatment and care, also how these needs can be met by the available care givers.

SNAC consists of two parts: 



The care system perspective

That includes all those who are over 65 years old and have been granted geriatric care and/or have permanent home-care/ rehabilitation arranged by the local authority of Nordanstig. The aim is to give increased understanding of how the care of the elderly is tailored to suit their needs


The population perspective

Aims to follow a selection of the elderly in the population over a period of time, and by using examinations, interviews and questionnaires at regular intervals, investigate the changes that occur. One looks at both personal factors such as ill-health, functioning ability, psychological state of mind, the percieved quality of life and so on, as well as social circumstances and contacts with the treatment and care system.